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Islam & Muslims
This book contains some FAQs about Islam for anyone who wants to understand this universal faith and its followers.
Download PDF
Islam & Christianity as Seen in the Bible
The reader may be wondering what Islam has to do with the Bible, as the Bible is the holy book of Christians, and Islam is a different religion altogether! As we shall see, this is a superficial judgment. Download PDF
One God One Creed
Old Asian religions and Islam Download PDF
A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam
This book explains the basic practices and beliefs of Islam and some scientific aspects of the Quran. Download PDF
This Matter of Faith
What is the ultimate purpose and significance of our existence? How can we lead a satisfying life in accordance with our own in-born nature? What is the basis or standard by which to define and judge the good and the evil? This book answers these questions and more. Download PDF
Quran and Modern Science
This book explains some of the scientific aspects of the Quran. Download PDF