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The management of Ahmed Al-Fateh Islamic Centre would like to offer its sincere thanks and appreciation for each and every volunteer or tour guide who is contributing to our programs in whatever capacity or position. The credit of all our achievements goes to each and every one of you individually, since without your cooperation we would not have succeeded. May Allah reward you for your sincere efforts.

Please read this manual and take special care to implement the rules and regulations listed in it so that our work progresses smoothly and we avoid potential problems in the future.
  • Jazakum Allahu Khayran!
    February 2013
  • All volunteers must observe the rules and regulations for visitors as displayed at the entrance of the masjid. This is important so as to avoid any friction or misunderstanding with the Centre’s administration.
  • No visitor is to enter the masjid or leave the reception area without being accompanied by an approved tour guide.
  • Tour guides and visitors should keep their phones on silent mode during the tour.
  • Tour guides and volunteers should wear their ID badges while on duty.
  • All tours should be conducted in a professional manner as per the Al-Fateh manual for tour guides (The Essential Guide for Tour Guides). You tour will be assessed by the visitors at the end.1
  • Volunteers have to first undergo basic training and fulfill all requirements or qualifications prior to conducting tours on their own. After the basic training, volunteers should accompany experienced tour guides several times before doing the tours alone. The final approval will be given by the Coordinator in charge.
  • The receptionist(s) will follow the priority list given by the Coordinator when assigning tours to tour guides.
  • It is always preferable for female tour guides to handle female visitors and male tour guides to handle male visitors. However, if a particular language is required, then this rule can be overridden due to necessity. Mixed groups can be handled by any tour guide. VIPs will be handled only by the official tour guides.
  • No filming of the masjid is permitted unless prior written approval is obtained from the management of the Centre. Ordinary photography and small handheld video cameras are allowed.
  • Although photography is permitted, it should not be encouraged as it is sometimes abused by the visitors who annoy the worshippers. Photos should be limited to the building and architecture, not the worshippers. Visitors can also take pictures of themselves if they wish. Photography is strictly not allowed during the prayers.
  • Visitors are not allowed to take food, musical instruments or heavy baggage into the masjid. These can be left in their cars or with the receptionists.
  • Visitors should be advised to carry their expensive belongings such as cameras and handbags with them as the Centre will not be responsible for any lost items. Make sure they do not leave their belongings in the shoe-racks or anywhere else unattended.
  • Tour guides should make sure that the visitors are properly dressed before taking them out of the reception area.
  • Visitors’ wheelchairs and strollers are not allowed inside the prayer hall. Explain to the guests politely that they have to use the Centre’s wheelchairs and pushchairs/strollers (available at the reception) to maintain the cleanliness of the carpet. If tourists cannot take off their shoes for a medical reason, ask the receptionist(s) to provide them with nylon slippers to wear on their shoes.
  • Female tour guides should not practically demonstrate Salah in front of male visitors. Instead, the prayer chart should be used to explain the ritual prayers.
  • Try to control your group as much as you can. Keep their voices low and avoid laughing loudly with the visitors inside the main prayer hall. However, since the masjid is not a dull place, it is permitted to smile and make small jokes when necessary to break the ice.
  • Do not accept money from the visitors. Tell them that they are our guests.
  • Tour guides and volunteers should not contradict one another in front of visitors. They should clear their differences afterwards with the Coordinator and avoid any disagreement in front of the visitors. However, if a tour guide makes a major mistake, he/she should be corrected in a polite way.
  • Volunteers should respect each other and avoid all un-Islamic practices of backbiting, suspicions and jealousy as this will poison the atmosphere and reduce the reward from Allah for our efforts.
  • All sisters should wear the abaya and hijab. Abayas should not be tight, transparent or overly decorated. Black is not necessary. Make-up and perfumes are not allowed. Male tour guides should wear formal or full Bahraini traditional clothes. Jeans, T-shirts, shorts that are below the knees and beach footwear such as flip-flops are not allowed for male tour guides while on duty. It is also recommended that male and female tour guides wear socks.
  • Remember that you represent Islam. Volunteers have to ensure that they maintain good body hygiene and good appearance. Your clothes should be extremely clean and neat and no smells should be coming from your mouth or body. If you fast and have a bad breath, keep a distance from the visitors.
  • All volunteers are expected to attend as scheduled. If for any reason one cannot come, please inform the Coordinator at least one day in advance, so that other arrangements can be made.
  • No visitors should be taken inside the main prayer hall after the adhan as it is strictly prohibited. However, if the adhan is called and the visitors are still inside the prayer hall, they should be led out but without hurry and in a dignified manner within five minutes of the completion of the adhan. If the visitors are interested, the tour guide can escort them to the balcony to observe the prayers. Lower your voice if you speak to them because the dome echoes the sound. If you are going to leave them in the balcony while you pray, explain to them politely that they should not make noise, move to the sides or take photos while prayers are being performed.
  • All tours should stop once the Iqamah for the prayer has been made. Male tour guides should not neglect the congregational prayers as it is a duty and has priority over all other matters. If a female tour guide stays with visitors during the prayers, she should strictly abstain from talking till the end of the prayer.
  • After Salah, wait for at least ten minutes before taking visitors into the prayer hall to allow the worshippers to finish their sunnah prayers.
  • Non-Muslim visitors should not be allowed to touch the Mushaf (Arabic Qur’an) but they can be offered a translation. If this kind of situation arises, do not shout at the visitors or create an angry scene but simply take the Qur'an in your hands and flip the pages for them to see.
  • The two receptionists are the only volunteers/employees permitted to sit in the whole reception area. Volunteers are kindly requested to wait in the library or in the prayer halls until they are called to handle tours.
  • Unless it is a training session or meeting, brothers and sisters should refrain from sitting together in order not to create a negative image for Islam and harm our Da'wah efforts.
  • Volunteers are not allowed to answer incoming calls or use the telephones in the library without permission. If given permission to use the phone, phone calls should not exceed three minutes.
  • Tour guides should be well prepared to answer the visitors’ questions by going through the answers of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) prepared by the Centre. Please ask for your copy.